Carpet Grass


  • Carpet grass is a creeping, stoloniferous, perennial, warm season grass.
  • It has wide leaves with blunt, rounded tips and forms a dense mat which crowds out most
  • other species.
  • Carpet grass is best suited to Sub Tropical/Tropical regions of Australia, and will
  • thrive in low fertility areas, making it ideal for parks, roadsides, and Golf Course roughs.



  • Carpet Grass requires a loose, smooth and firm seedbed.
  • It can be established from seed or sprigs
  • For a quick cover, broadcast 1kg of carpet grass per 100m2. Rake the lawn lightly.
  • Establishment can be hastened by light applications of a complete fertilizer at monthly intervals.
  • Carpet grass will not survive on very sandy soils, as it has a shallow root system.