Turf Tips

Lawn Mowing Tips

There is a lot more to mowing a lawn than just pushing the mower. You need to get the height right in sun and shade, as well as removing just the right amount of leaf. Mowing in wet weather is … Continue reading

Lawn Grub and Disease control; Diagnosis and Treatment

The first step to solving lawn grub and disease diagnosis is proper identification. After that there are many ways to control them, or as a preventative to make your lawn stronger so it can better handle these problems. Whether it’s … Continue reading

Information about watering and fertilsing lawns

Learn how to water your lawn to become more drought tolerant. Fertilising is important, and choosing the right type of fertiliser is the first step. Download the Fact Sheet – click here Video Courtesy of Ozbreed Pty Ltd. Copyright Ozbreed … Continue reading

Preparing the soil for a new lawn

Getting the soil right is the most important aspect to a healthy lawn. Learn how to do this easily and correctly, with an informative video showing you what to do. Whether you hire a contractor, or do it yourself, this … Continue reading

Killing and keeping weeds out of a lawn

Learn how to kill weeds with chemicals and natural non chemical methods. Broad leaf weeds and grass weeds often invade lawns, so knowing how to treat them is a real advantage. Video Courtesy of Ozbreed Pty Ltd. Copyright Ozbreed 2011.